Ladies! How would you like to work in a field that pays extremely well, offers a fun low stress environment, and allows you to get a little wild? Our laid-back, party atmosphere offers a chance to relax, hang out with new friends, and all the while earn unbeatable money. Work part time hours and take home full time money. There is no limit to the amount you can earn. $2000 in one night does happen.

Rumors Cabaret is constantly searching for quality entertainers. We are looking for confident, outgoing ladies of all types who enjoy flirting and strutting their stuff. A great smile and a huge dose of sexy positive attitude are always a bonus. If you would like to check out the clubs or if you are ready for an audition please contact us to set it up.


We expect a lot from our staff so when we find the right folks we treat them well. Most of our staff stay with us for a while so openings are not common but it does happen from time to time. It never hurts to stop by and talk to the manager about any possible job openings.

Please talk to us about work before you visit the bartenders though.


What should I bring to the audition?
…Bring something a little sexy. An outfit you would surprise your boyfriend in or your new bikini would work just fine. The audition is more about you than the outfit you wear.

I’ve never done anything like this before. Do you offer any training?
…Yes. On the job training is part of what we do.

What kind of measures do you take to keep your dancers safe?
…Dancer safety is very important to us. We have a top notch staff experienced at keeping everyone safe.

What if I chicken out during the audition?
…We do everything we can to make the audition process as stress free as possible. If you are unsure about anything please be my guest in the club for an evening to check us out and ask questions.

Do bouncers have to be tough guys?
…Guys who want to be tough guys generally don’t make great bouncers. Sorry big fella but we are not in the business of beating people up.

Do I have to have experience to be a bartender there?
…Yes Please.

Columbia, MO

2306 Business Loop 70 East
Columbia Missouri 65201
(573) 817-1877

Springfield, MO

1750 South Glenstone Avenue
Springfield Missouri 65804
(417) 886-8284
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